Tin Man Scrap Metal Recycling, Buxton

Scrap Metal in Derbyshire
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For all your metal recycling needs, please visit Tin Man Scrap Metal Recycling Buxton. To be redirected to the website, please click here or visit www.tinmanscrap.co.uk

Services include:
  *Weigh and Pay Mobile Collection Van
  *Factory Clearences and removal of Redundant Plant
  *Reliable Company with a fantastic reputaion
  *The best prices in Buxton with no hassle
*Immediate payment options and access to your cash - no waiting/clearing
times at Tin Man!

The scrap merchant is located next to our salvage yard so when you visit, be sure to bring your metal for recycling.


Unit 27 Cedar Ave, Harpur Hill Business Park,
Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9JL


Credits:  Photography, logos, artwork for Tin Man Scrap and Derbyshire Reclamation has been designed by Melissa Downhill. Visit her site here for more details

Tel. 01298 214 143
Email.  reclamation.enquiries@gmail.com